Baby Shower Games: Fun and Functional!

Baby shower games can be so much fun, and games always add excitement and laughter to the festivities. You really are limited only by your imagination and resourcefulness. There are many easy and fun game suggestions online, at party supply stores, and in magazines. Let’s discuss some easy, popular baby shower games for your baby shower!

Combine party favors with a fun baby shower game by creating mini baby diapers, by cutting small triangles from pink, blue, or yellow baby print fabric. Use pinking shears to cut them out, then pin them together with a tiny gold tone safety pin. Add things like jelly bellies or butter mints, but in one of the diapers, put a surprise such as a smear of peanut butter or a chocolate chip. Pin these on guests as they come in, and the one with the “surprise” wins a prize!

A cute piggy bank game is to ask the guests to bring extra pocket change. Everyone can take a turn at mentioning something they have never done before (‘mooned’ someone, gone skinny dipping, etc.) Everyone who has done the thing mentioned must put a coin in the piggy bank. Once the game ends, give the piggy bank to the mother-to-be as the baby’s first piggy bank.

Arrange with one of your friends that the mother-to-be does not know, to come in late to the shower. Ask them to dress oddly, and carry a large purse or bag. Act as if you are upset, because the late arriver has disrupted the shower, and you are not sure they are even supposed to be there. Tell the late arrival they must show their invitation, or leave. The guest then plops down on the floor, and starts taking baby items out of the bag to try to find her invitation. When the invitation is shown, tell her that she can stay. Then she clumsily picks up the bag and joins the party. Now, the guests have to write down every “goodie” the guest had in the bag. Whoever can remember the most correct items that fell out of the bag is the winner. Also, the mom-to-be gets to keep all the “goodies” in the bag!!

Buy several different kinds of chocolate candy bars, and a package of baby diapers. Number the diapers with a marker. Write the same number on an envelope, and put the candy bar wrapper in the envelope. Melt about half of that candy bar in the diaper. Have each guest write on a piece of paper, the number on the diaper, and what candy bar they think is melted in it. Let them sniff the mess in the diapers, if they want, and be sure to have a camera on hand for some pictures of the diaper-sniffing!

Purchase several tiny clothespins. Clip 2-3 onto the collar or shirt of each guest when she arrives. Let each guest know that whoever catches another person saying the word “baby” gets to take her clothespin. Whoever has the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins!

No matter which of these baby shower games you choose, of if you have your own to play, baby shower games really make baby showers lots of fun. With any luck, they will provide entertainment and plenty of useful items for the new arrival!